Privacy Policy


How Does Website Gathers Personal Data?

Entrepreneur Headline collects all the cookies by calculating data as per the website usage. We intend to figure out complete information on several visitors locating pages and sections of the website. This data further helps in assessing the usability of the website continuously.

We also have quite a large number of website analytic tools to monitor and take into account of the website performance. Our provider is Google Analytics- again, a third party that evaluates and analyses the services. With Google Analytics Reporting, visitors can get a complete idea of website development and improvement. Google Analytics uses cookies to track the overall count of new users coming to the site. Perhaps, no one could identify the personal data of any individual.

How We Safeguard Your Data?

Entrepreneur Headline comprehends complete care and security to share and transfer necessary data whenever the users enter any of their personal details. We undertake secrecy of information seriously and make our best effort to plan it down well.

User Data is Safe with Us!

We follow strict measures to prohibit the selling, trade or any type of transferable and identifiable data to the outside parties apart from those compulsory by law. It might share crucial data when necessary to safeguard the users’ interests. Our policy is strictly against the practices of spamming, selling or renting the e-mail id of the users to any third parties without the consent as per the permission given under this Privacy Policy.

How Can You Disable the Cookies?

It is possible to disable the cookies attached when your browser supports it. For checking and updating cookie settings, it is imperative to check the browser you use, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and several others. It is also essential to check the version you are using. It is possible to find this by making a click at ‘Help’ or the ‘About’ section. This could offer you detailed information on the type of browser you are using.

Kindly remember that when you modify the cookie settings, it will hamper the browsing experience and cause negative effects on it. Users can seek our online services for this purpose.

User Consent

With access to this website, you provide complete consent to the Privacy Policy.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

If you make up your mind about changing the Privacy Policy, we will share updates on the policy modification date on the top page location and offer links for the older versions of the policy. It helps users in making comparisons amongst the same.